Personal Insurance

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Any insurance pertaining to the use or ownership of a vehicle. Common coverages are liability, physical damage and personal injury (medical expense).

Dwelling Fire

Coverage against your property being destroyed or damaged by certain perils, such as fire, theft and windstorms. With the right policy, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that, in the event of a disaster, your property is protected.


Did you know that dwelling/hazard insurance excludes coverage in the case of earthquake and your home would be left uncovered. Earthquake Insurance provides coverage for your contents and the structure of the home if earthquake damage occurs.

Individual Health

The Employee Benefits Department provides a full range of services and products, including Group Health, Dental, LTD, 401k, Life and Estate Planning. In addition, ask us about programs to pretax employee contributions toward health insurance, COBRA, and human resource questions such as employee manuals.


Insurance that combines liability insurance and hazard (fire) insurance. A policy which provides coverage for your structure and personal effects such as furniture and clothing. Required by most mortgage lenders.

Personal Umbrella

This type of liability insurance provides excess liability protection. Provides higher limits and offers protection against larger losses.


Similar to automobile coverage. A recreational vehicle policy is designed for motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s, boats and personal watercraft.


Very much like a homeowners policy without the property coverage since renters do not own the building they live in. Covers liability and personal effects such as furniture and clothing. Fine art, antiques and collectibles can be added to a renters policy just like for homeowners.

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